Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 StFYC Heavy Weather Laser Slalom

One of the cameras used in the Laser Slalom this year was a Sail Pro camera, which mounts to the transom of the boat and gives a view looking forward. Its nice because it shows you what the sailor sees, more or less.

I was able to download all of the video from the Sail Pro camera (well, the one that survived!) and am planning to post clips of the four races it captured on YouTube. I did finally manage to figure out how to do the first clip:

This clip is of a race that Sean Kelly did. While its not particularly nukin' yet, it is windy enough and its remarkable how smooth Sean is in executing all of the maneuvers!

Hopefully more to come!

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FlyingKip said...

I've never sailed on a small boat and never fully understood what my nephew was up to out there. Watching from a pier or the shore does not do the sport or his talents justice... WOW! It's not just his mastery of the wind and the water, its the grueling back and forth, dodging the whipping boom, vaulting his body over the edge of the boat, reaching for every bit of leverage his cantilevered frame can advantage... What an exhilarating ride! Way to tame the Bay, Sean... and Bravo to the flying eye!