Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 4: Cloud chasing

Day 4 started with a promising look - a nice Southeast breeze blowing through the boat park and thoughts of another day hiking. But as launch time neared a massive black cloud began to loom ominously over the area and by the time we launched the wind had dropped to low single digits. We sailed out, the race committee fired off the start sequence at the appointed hour and sent the green fleet off on their first race and then rolled into the red fleet sequence. About halfway into that the first of many big wind shifts rolled through, forcing the race committee to abandon the green fleet race and postpone the red fleet. We then spent the next three hours variously drifting about, planing like made, dodging rain squalls, testing virtually every quadrant for wind direction, etc. until the race committee finally abandoned for the day.

The plan is to try to make up the missing races by running three races on days 5 and 6. The forecast for Friday is looking like they might pull that off, less promising for Saturday.

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