Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 Laser Masters' World Championship Eve

It would seem that Halifax gets a hurricane every sunday during the season... "Danny" comes through this evening, not clear what will happen tomorrow though since its been downgraded to a tropical depression there is still hope for sailing. Monday and Tuesday may be problematic but there does appear to be hope for a return to "normal" by the end of the week.

As is usual, there is a tremendous change going from the Senior to Master Worlds... first the number of competitors nearly doubles, secondly the beer is much more obvious. The best part is the chance to run around and see all the people you only see once per year.

I've moved into my new regatta accommodations in a really nice waterfront home that is a mere five minutes driving to the sailing site. In our house, in addition to myself, we have Bill and LauraLee Symes, Rob and Marilyn Hodson, John Purdy, Don Hall and the wild Frenchman from Virginia, Alain Vincey. Defiinitely a great group and we're feeling pretty relaxed as Danny has already started dumping rain on us!

Last night was not only a beautiful night here but also the traditional ILCA-NA Masters' party. We had quite a turnout, though not all the competitors made it. Still, the group that made it are all pictured below:

The Canadian contingent pulled a suprise on my by giving me a team shirt at the event:

I must say, I was quite speechless by their gesture and was only able to mutter a "thank you". Quite a surprise and I can assure you very much appreciated by me! The plan is to wear the Canadian team shirt to the opening ceremonies (which Danny has postponed until Tuesday) and my US team shirt at the awards (where, of course, I intend to be on the podium!).

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