Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Laser Senior Worlds - the day before the racing

I've managed to get settled into Halifax now... having arrived late Monday evening and spending Tuesday getting the boat, getting through registration/measurement, etc. I did go for a quick sail with the US Sailing Team guys yesterday where we did a few quick line ups and some practice starts, and couple of really short downwinds, etc. A good number of the practice starts were in a group of about 60, or so, and its always hard to tell anything from these informal line ups as often half the fleet is over the line. Anyway, I'm think it is looking about like I expected, I can match my speed with the top guys for periods of time, but probably will not be able to match for the entire race. Still, am cautiously optimistic that I can make top half of event, so top half of Silver fleet by end of regatta.

Today I'm hanging at the house with the guys I'm staying with. They've been doing a lot of sailing so want to take a day off to rest up and I figure I'm not going to learn anything new by going out today. As near as I can tell, the breeze the next few days will be "standard" and, depending on exactly where they race us, there will be a slight left favor to the course. And it does appear to be a lot like Monterey in this range.

One interesting thing: it appears that Hurricane Bill is headed more or less right at us. Its still days away, probably not really affecting us until sunday or monday, but will probably bring strong winds to the middle of the regatta. Well, hopefully it exits quickly and lets the sailing return to "normal" for the Masters'!

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